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2nd Trimester

Did you feel like first trimester flew by? Second trimester will, too! Hopefully you are feeling better now than your first trimester, and if not, continue to give yourself grace and modify as you need. Second trimester can cause a little more discomfort as your body changes and your baby grows, but we’re here to help!

Exercise Guidelines

  • Increase mindfulness of the pelvic floor + core engagement (may need to see a PT)

  • Monitor for diastasis recti during ab-focused exercises (crunches, sit-ups, etc.) and when getting in and out of bed – modify as needed

  • Widen your stance to accommodate belly (squats, deadlifts, etc.)

  • Check with your midwife or OB about exercises on your back – stop if you get dizzy, nauseous, or short of breath

  • Continue mastering 360-degree breathing (this will get harder as your baby grows!)

  • Start "baby hugs" by engaging lower abdominals to lift your bump up and in

  • Reduce or modify high-impact exercises as needed


To-Do List

✔️Treat yourself to some comfy and/or maternity clothes

✔️Research and register for birthing and/or breast-feeding classes (many hospitals offer free classes)

✔️Use a pregnancy pillow if needed and aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep

✔️Take a babymoon

✔️Start thinking about your birth plan


3 of Our Favorite Exercises for 2nd Trimester

  • Split stance Romanian dead lift

  • Glute bridge

  • Side plank with leg lift


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