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3rd Trimester

Hellloooo third trimester! You’re on the home stretch, mama.

kinesio tape (k tape) for pregnancy low back pain and SI joint pain

Exercise Guidelines

  • Work on pelvic floor relaxation and birth prep

  • Increase hip and pelvic stability and mobility

  • Monitor abs for bulging, heaviness, pressure or leakage

  • Monitor for symptoms of SI joint, pubic symphysis or back pain

  • Decrease single leg work if you have SI joint or pubic symphysis pain

  • Incorporate mid-back mobility work, chest stretch and posture check-ins

  • Continue to be mindful of fatigue

  • Stay hydrated

  • It is okay to become a walker 😊


To-Do List

✔️Finalize your birth plan

✔️Incorporate dates into your diet around 36 weeks

✔️Begin perineal massage at 36 weeks

✔️Start labor prep workouts like pelvic floor relaxation and hip mobility

✔️Make freezer meals ahead of time

✔️Relax and ask friends and family to help before baby arrives as needed


3 of Our Favorite Exercises for 3rd Trimester

  • Good morning or hip hinge

  • Pelvic tilts, figure 8s and circles on stability ball

  • Child’s pose on stability ball

Check out this Instagram reel to see each exercise demonstrated and learn how to do them with proper form!


Work With Us

We help women who want to stay active, fit, healthy and mobile without medications, injections, imaging or surgery. All sessions are one-on-one, personalized, and holistic to help you feel your best. We want to help people feel good and well-balanced.

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